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With over 30 years of business operations and consulting experience, in specific industries (i.e., specialty chemicals/materials, industrial/specialty gases, semiconductors, consumer products, etc.), AH Anderson is able to provide you with thoughtful solutions. We tailor our services to the specific Client's challenge. A short-list of our services include:

Industry-Specific Insight
Many industries and sectors react to external factors in a similar fashion but at the same time, those same industries react differently than the norm for a variety of reasons in a variety of situations.  In those cases, sometimes you need someone who’s been there before, who knows what you are going through, who listens before speaking … a trusted advisor.

AH Anderson offers a variety of services customized to a specific industry including:

  • Market/Product analysis and forecast
  • Product/Segment/Industry specific Market research
  • Competitive assessment (SWOT analysis)
  • Disruptive services/technologies potential
AH Anderson Consulting - Process Optimization Improvement

Process Optimization and Improvement
Business processes are the way work gets done in companies. They are both foundational and critical to the success of organizations.

Often when there are problems with shipment delays, error rates, or customer satisfaction, the root cause is typically inefficient processes. AH Anderson offers a range of solutions from:

  • Simple process documentation (i.e., ahead of a major transformation)
  • Reduce waste via use of LEAN and other tools
  • Process optimization or redesign via the Lean Six Sigma toolset processes to aid in clearly defining the 'to be' processes
AH Anderson Consulting - Process Optimization Improvement

Strategic Transformation /
Intelligent Automation

As customers continue to change requirements and new entrants challenge the status quo, it is incumbent upon companies to proactively anticipate these changes.

One of the techniques AH Anderson proposes is the development of a strategic transformation program. It is linked with your strategic planning process, and it identifies strategic transformation opportunities across the company, to produce “step change” improvement in operations. This multi-step process involves key members from your executive team to help institutionalize the process within the organization. We also perform “pilots” that implement the process in one organization before it is scaled across the company.

AH Anderson Consulting - Strategic Transformation Entelligent Automation

Shared Services
The concept of Shared Services (SS) has been around a long time, and simply put, it is an operating model that enables function-specific resources (i.e., HR, IT, Finance, Customer Service, etc.) to be leveraged across an entire organization or company, resulting in lower costs with agreed-upon customer-service levels.

Global Business Services (GBS) is the next stage in SS maturity that delivers even greater efficiency, wider geographic reach, and broader scope coverage from its SS, to handle greater regulatory scrutiny for the same or even lower costs! However, to get the full-value of GBS there are some key steps to follow. AH Anderson offers assessment of existing SS or GBS operations to identify areas of improvement to assist in optimizing existing operations. In addition, we have the ability to support business case development, design and support implementation for a Greenfield operation.

AH Anderson Consulting - Global Business Services


Worked closely with Art on the Global Business Services Leadership Team. Besides being an excellent and trustworthy colleague, he was a strategic driver behind Technology and Continuous Improvement within the Shared Services Organization. Very open, collaborative approach to supporting the team in reaching the objectives of the corporation.

Director, Global Business Services (Fortune 500 company)




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